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Coastal Creations Art
Rockport, Texas


In 1990, Lera Harris retired from a 30 year teaching career in Louisiana and moved to Rockport, Texas. She discovered the local art world almost immediately and took up painting as a hobby. Over the years her hobby became a second career.

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"Yes, after 15 years, the Coastal Creations Art Gallery was closed on March 31st, 2017. I want to thank all of my loyal customers who have been coming to see me all this time. I will miss every one of you."

BUT I have giclée prints and a few pieces of original art for sale; please call 361-729-0630 for availability and pricing. You can also visit Rockport Gallery, www.RockportGallery.com, to see some of my art. Or you can drop by Texas By Design at 205 S. Austin St., Rockport, TX.
Lera Harris

Lera's motto:
'I love to paint and paint what I love!'

These Originals are Still Available for Purchase
Click on Images Below to View Larger Versions
Spoonbill with Lily Pads
48"x24" canvas wrapped
$250 + shipping and handling

"The Big Tree"
48"x36" canvas wrapped
+ shipping and handling

Three Palms
48"x24" canvas wrapped
$200 + shipping and handling


"Blue Skies over Padre Island"
48"x24" Canvas wrapped
$600 + shipping and handling


Contact Lera Harris to Own a Piece of the South Texas Coast!

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"The Way They Were" Series
Rockport, TX
Bait Stand Giclée Prints For Sale!

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